To see this year’s schedule, once available, click here!

North Stage (by Courtside)

Emcee // Jonathan Holmberg

6:00pm // Honey for the Heart Parade

6:30pm // Conscious Pilot, FB

8:00pm // Doxcity, BC

9:30pm // Dune, FB

11:00pm // Mobile Home, FB

Lokoween Stage (Union & Court)

6:30pm // Mitchell Louis, FB

7:10pm // Suave, FB

7:45pm // Before Common Era, FB

8:20pm // DJ Barticus, FB

9:00pm // Costume Contest!!

9:20pm // Easty, FB

10:00pm // The Dysfunktional Family, FB

10:40pm // Ape Mode, FB

11:30pm // B-Funk, FB