Athens Halloween is October 29th this year. One of the best halloween festivals in the world will be here before you know it!

Halloween has a long storied history here in Athens and has been supported and challenged by townsfolk and students alike for the last 42 years. We’re happy to help put this event on, but this year, we’d like to see something different.

Do you have an idea and you need a place to make it happen?
We’re soliciting groups who are interested in holding an event on court street during the day. Want to hold a fundraiser while the 25,000 people are here? What if everyone who was on court street donated a dollar to a charity? Want to have the world’s largest bobbing for apples contest? Let’s do some amazing with one of the greatest stretches of road in the world.

We know Athens has some of the most creative people just looking for an opportunity to put their ideas to good use.

Please share this with people of all ages, we’d love to bring the community and university closer together on a new event during the day of the Block Party.

Please contact us at with your ideas.