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Every genre ranging from trap music to “hillbilly” music will be found at the 2015 Athens Halloween Block Party. Before the shows, the Honey for the Heart parade will run down Court Street. Bands and DJs will kick off the night at 6:30 p.m. The 2015 Athens Halloween Block Party will include two stages this year rather than three.

The North Stage, on North Court Street near Courtside Pizza, includes five bands.

The Lokoween Stage, on the intersection between Court and Union streets, includes a total of 11 DJs, which include OU students, alumni and Athens residents.

Here’s what people can expect to see and hear Saturday evening.

North Stage acts:



Genre: psych-rock

The group of five will kick off the night with original psych-rock. The band Blond recently performed at Fall Folk Fest.

“I would say that we’re actually best known for our live shows in general around Athens and around Ohio more or less,” Conor Stratton, the lead guitarist, said. “Our live shows are very energetic and that’s what we do best.”

Watch Them Rot


Genre: heavy metal

The heavy metal group Watch Them Rot is looking to bring a show that’s intense, loud and crazy. The five man group performs original works and decided against wearing costumes for the show.

“(We want to) keep the metal alive during Halloween,” Brandon Bohlen, a vocalist in the group, said. “And we didn’t want to get any of the makeup running in our faces while we are jamming.”



Genre: jam rock band

The jam rock band has played at the block party before and is returning again. The group recently played in Columbus and performed at Casa Nueva in late August.

No one in the group could be reached for comment.



Genre: “back porch, hillbilly ruckus” sound

The four-person group formed to play a benefit for The Union Bar & Grill and has since been asked to play multiple gigs.

“There’ll be some hillbilly silliness,” Michael Rutushin, a lead member of the band, said. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously and the music really isn’t anything more than a chance to dance and groove. You can expect some Athens own rock ‘n’ roll.”

The D-Rays


Genre: “stripped down, high-energy garage/surf/punk/rock band.”

Although it is the group’s first time playing Halloween, The D-Rays have played at Nelsonville Music Festival and the Pawpaw Festival.

“Since we are going on at midnight, we expect the crowd to be extra festive at that point,” Missy Pence, the bass player, said in an email.

The Lokoween Stage:

Mac Carter (and Cameron Miller)


Sound: hip-hop, house, etc.

Mac Carter is kicking off the night as he hits the stage with his manager Cameron Miller. After attending Halloween last year and looking at the stages, Carter said it was crazy to get invited to play. Their set will include the premiere of an exclusive track called “Athens Party,” which samples Tupac’s “Gangster Party.”

“When they come to see our show, I want everybody to feel like they can be part of the crew,” Miller said. “We just want people to go and have a good time but connect with who we are as people too.”

Alex Fear


Sound: mellow, chill

Alex “DJ Alex Fear” Fiehrer graduated from OU in 2014 and is performing for the first time at Halloween. Since he’s playing earlier in the night, Fiehrer said he wants to keep the set “mellow.”

“If they’re not trying to go crazy early in the night, I think I’ll give them something they want with my sound,” he said.



Sound: pop and EDM (with a lot of remixes)

Harrison “Ghostowl” Mbemba, is a senior studying media arts and studies with a focus in music production. Mbemba has been DJing for three years, but will be the first time at the Athens Halloween Block Party. During Halloween, he plans on wearing a diamond mask that mimics the one Kanye West frequently performs in.

“The audience should expect to be able to sing along to the songs but also be able to hear something new that they never heard before,” he said.

Dude Man Bro ft Echo Mecca


Sound: glitch hop, bass music and live vocals

Brad Hoffman, half of Dude Man Bro and Echo Mecca, said the set will be a DJ set mixed with original music and live vocals. “We try to keep it fun, light hearted and not be too serious,” Hoffman said.

Freddie D


Sound: funky, electro

Fred “Freddie D” Demkowicz graduated from OU in May and is looking forward to returning and sharing the stage with his friends. He plans on bringing a lot of “hype” to Lokoween Stage.

“People can expect funky, dirty electro, face melting bass,” he said.



Sound: dubstep, trap, future and more

Matthew “Easty” Roberts said he’s been DJing in the city for seven or eight years and this will be his third year at the Athens Halloween Block Party. Roberts said he wants to please the crowd and not just himself.

“I’ll try to throw in bits and pieces of familiar stuff whether it’s a familiar song or a familiar part of a movie … and just try to play some stuff they can relate to,” Roberts said.

Black Rabbit


Sound: house and trap

Chad “Black Rabbit” Vasquez graduated in 2013 and has been DJing since 2010. It’s his third time playing at Halloween. Vasquez plays Uptown every week, but he said people can expect more house and trap music rather than the top 40s.

“It’s definitely the highlight of my DJing experience every year,” he said. “Mainly because you get to play in front of a whole bunch of people and it’s really quite a rush.”

Ape Mode


Sound: heavy bass

Kevin Fagan and Evan Amerio are seniors studying music production and they make up the duo Ape Mode. They opened up the night last year on the Lokoween stage and are returning with heavy bass music, bass house, dubstep and trap music.

“We just want to make sure people are having a good time and are dancing as long and hard as possible,” Fagan said. “We’re going to make sure we really bring it this year.”



Sound: wide range, house to rap

The duo consists of Chris Henke, a senior studying information telecommunication systems, and alumnus Anthony Bergamesca. After playing last year, Henke said in an email they’re looking forward to playing again.

“We have a very up tempo party centric vibe that can keep the crowd going all night long. We play anything from rap music to techno and everything in between,” Bergamesca said in an email.



Sound: electro house

The Columbus duo consists of Toby Lichtle, a 2007 alumnus, and Laz Picciano, a 2005 alumnus. They said they want to “GET WEIRD” and live up to their name.

“We are in Athens to have a good time with that Bobcat party vibe,” Get Weird said in an email. “If that’s you’re thing, you’re our people. Come dance with us!”

DJ B-Funk


Sound: everything, never plans a set

Brandon “DJ B Funk” Thompson is going on his sixth year of playing at Halloween and said the pressure is high because he’s ending the night. Since there are so many different people in the crowd, Thompson said he wants to include a mix of hip-hop, house, trap, dubstep, techno and more.

“I never know what I am going to play,” Thompson said. “I think of stuff all year long but I am just trying to hit as many genres as I can in the time I have.”